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    In What is Thinking Beautifully?, Laura Smit states, “One of the premises that we work with on this website is that beauty is objective, since God truly has placed beauty in the world.”

    If beauty is truly objective, then what are the implications of that? Is beauty measurable? Could/should one argue that something is more or less beautiful than another thing (e.g., one painting is more beautiful than another painting)?

    Or, is “beauty in the eye of the beholder”, and beauty is subjective?

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    Victor, you’ve probably forgotten all about raising this question by now! But after a grueling year of teaching, I’m turning back to this site with new energy, and I find your question is still sitting here with no responses.

    I think that beauty is perspectival rather than subjective. It really exists in particular places and things and people, which is why I say that it’s objective. But, because there’s so much beauty in the world, no one person can see all of it, and each person is positioned in such as a way as to see beauty that is invisible to many others.

    I also think that sin can blind us to beauty. In fact, sometimes sin makes us prefer what’s ugly. Would you agree?

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