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Beauty for Truth’s Sake (Book Review)

“Music, architecture, astronomy, and physics — the physical arts and their applications — demonstrate the fundamental intuition behind the Liberal Arts tradition of education, which is that the world is an ordered whole, a ‘cosmos,’ whose beauty becomes more apparent the more carefully and deeply we study it. By preparing ourselves in this way to […]

Arvo Part: 24 Preludes for a Fugue (Documentary Review)

“I once had a chat with a janitor in front of the house. … I asked his opinion: ‘How should a composer write his music?’ He looked at me. ‘Ah, what a question. I think he has to love each single sound.’ … I never heard anything like that. This understanding opens up a whole […]

Introducing Brendan Sammon (Interview Review)

“Beauty is that which allows desire to turn into knowledge. All human beings are desiring something. Which means, of course, that love is very much bound up with the act of knowing. That goes against what we’re typically conditioned to think: if I’m supposed to know something, I can’t love it; I have to bracket […]

“Add to the Beauty” by Sara Groves (Song Review)

“And I want to add to the beauty To tell a better story; I want to shine with the light That’s burning up inside. . . .  This is grace: an invitation to be beautiful.” SARA GROVES “Add to the Beauty” from the album Add to the Beautyby Sara Groves,INO Records, 2005.

Aquinas on Beauty (Book Review)

“Aquinas’s account of beauty respects both the objective and the subjective aspects that are involved in the aesthetic experience, since both objects (e.g. things, actions, people, etc.) and subjects (perceivers of such things) are necessary for the human experience of beauty to occur. At the end of the day, Aquinas’s account of beauty is best […]

“Psalms & Beauty” (Podcast Review)

“Sometimes we think anger is the energy that brings about social change, and anybody who needs social change would understand and be sympathetic to anger, of course. But to think that behind that is a thirst for something beautiful…for the angry person’s family, for their group, for themselves, for the world. At the end of […]